What’s the difference between each line up?

We have line ups ranging from a 5 to a 10 piece.

Below you’ll find a full breakdown.

We try and be as flexible as possible so if the line up you ideally wanted isn’t shown just give us a call and we’ll do our best to meet your brief.

(The bold indicates the additional musician)
5 piece – female vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, sax
6 piece – female vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, sax
7 piece – female vocal, male vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, sax
8 piece – female vocal, male vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar,  sax, trumpet
9 piece – female vocal, male vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar,  sax, trumpet, trombone
10 piece – female vocal, male vocal, keybard, bass, drums, guitar, sax, trumpet, trombone, percussion

How much does it cost to book The Fascinations?

Fees are dependent on band size, your event date, location and timings.

Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote.

If you don’t have all the info listed above that’s no problem. Just let us have as much info as you can and we’ll do our best to let you have as accurate a quote as possible.

For expert help and advice please call 020 8349 1933

We have limited space. Which line up would suit best?

As a rule of thumb, stage size or performance area for the 5 piece starts at approx 14’ wide by 10’ deep.

The 6 piece requires approx 16’ wide by 10’ deep.

The bulk of the stage area is taken up by drums, keyboard and the guitars. Additional singers and horn players can be added with minimal extra space requirements.

We often have to fit into into small and compact spaces and are very happy to be flexible and work around your arrangements.

If you’re unsure about which band size to consider then it’s worth asking the venue coordinator what band sizes they have had at the venue previously. Alternatively let us have the performance area dimensions and we can advise you on your options.

Can I request/guarantee specific singers or other band members?

The Fascinations are primarily a collective of musicians with each member being chosen for their talent and ability to consistently perform at the highest level.

Working with the music industries best comes with some compromises.

The musicians in the band are in high demand from other ‘named’ acts for live touring and studio session work. When they are called on to perform for these named acts we must allow them the opportunity to take that work. This does mean that we cannot give you a 100% guarantee on which musicians will perform at your event.

If however you have a certain request for a specific musician or vocalist we will do our best to ensure that individual performs at your event.

Our ability to attract the highest calibre of vocalist and musician is one of our key strengths. This enables us to keep a consistently high performance level event after event. Our reputation in the music industry at being the very best at what we do in turn attracts the very best and so the cycle continues.

It’s worth noting that all function and event bands that are performing professionally at the highest level are in much the same situation as us. If anybody is guaranteeing you specific band members then its worth being a little cautious.

We’d prefer to be upfront and honest. We hope you understand.

Can we choose all of the songs for your live set lists?

We’re very open to you sending us your requests and preferences from our current repertoire list. We do however strongly advise that you leave the majority of choices up to us. We have many many years of live performance experience under our belts and we would ask you to trust us that we know what songs work and where in the sets.

Through many years of trial and error we have a number of choice favourites that we know just work really really well live (and many that have proven to be dance floor duds!). The set list will also change as the performance progresses. We’ll ‘read the room’ and choose the next song that’s most appropriate to ensure your guests remain on the dance floor. We therefore need licence to make those changes so that we can deliver the very best performance possible.

In many cases our clients choose many of the same songs that go into our set list.

We do however want to ensure that you get exactly what you want and are comfortable with what we have planned for your event. To that end we’ll arrange a phone consultation with nearer your event date to discuss the finer details of music. We’ll take the time to understand your event and what you’re trying to achieve. Off the back of that conversation we’ll go away a prepare a set list especially for your event.

What do you do when someone in the band falls ill on the day of my event?

As previously mentioned we operate as a collective of musicians. While the core personnel of the band remains consistent it does allow us to work with a number of ‘dep’ musicians. A ‘dep’ is music business terminology for a replacement, understudy or deputy. This is a musician who is rehearsed and ready to perform with the band at short notice. The quality and standard of deps is as high as the musicians they stand in for.

You should therefore feel very confident that the personal circumstance of any individual in the band does not jeopardise the bands ability to perform at your event.

How long does the band take to set up?

We ideally need 2 hours to set up in but can do it in 1 hour at a push. When working through your schedule for the event day please do factor in this time.

Do you require food and drink?

Yes we require a good quality hot meal and some soft drinks and water. We don’t however expect you to go to any unnecessary expense and provide us with a gourmet three course meal and a range of alcoholic drinks!

In the majority of cases the musicians will have spent a considerable amount of time travelling to the venue. Once there it’s all hands on deck to get the the instruments, PA and lighting system set up in a very short space of time. With so much to get through there invariably isn’t sufficient time to go ‘off site’ and look for a good quality meal.

We work long days and nights and finding a nutritious meal in a motorway service station is like trying to get blood from a stone. As a result we do ask that you supply us with a good quality meal.
It’s also worth mentioning that well fed and happy musicians goes a very long way to producing a great performance. We’re only human after all.


Can we come and see you live?

Opportunities to showcase bands at venues open to the public are becoming increasingly hard to come by. As a result we currently don’t have a regular live showcase that we can invite you to.

The events we perform at are for private and corporate clients. It’s therefore difficult for us to invite prospective clients along to these events. We prefer not to ‘sneak’ you in as it’s not appropriate to do so.

In some instances we may be able to ask one of our current clients if they wouldn’t mind you popping in to their event and watching the band for a short period.